Tarot Testimonials

Tarot TestimonialsCheck out what other people are saying about tarot readings from
One and a Half Feet on the Ground.

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“I have found Simone’s readings to be accurate and helpful. She has taken time and care to understand what information I am seeking and has gone about her readings sensitively and professionally in order to provide me with useful and insightful information. Simone has always worked in a positive and thoughtful manner and her readings have helped me to understand situations as they are and as they could be. Through One and a Half Feet on the Ground tarot readings, I have been able to receive spiritual guidance that is beneficial and provides me with some advice on how to move forward with whichever issue I am struggling. Simone has shown herself to be trustworthy, respectful, intuitive and non-judgmental.”

C, United Kingdom


“Simone is a gifted tarot reader and she is extremely accurate. Each of the readings have revealed events that have been in my past, present and future in great detail. I’m a Scentsy Fragrance consultant and have a spiritual giftware business running at various markets around the Warrnambool district. I have had Simone work with me at a spiritual expo in Hamilton in the past doing her readings and would have her again in the future. Her readings are accurate and professional, and she is relaxed and people enjoy her bubbly comforting personality as she reads the tarot for them. I would like to congratulate Simone on using her gift and sharing her wisdom with others.”

G, Warrnambool


“I visited Simone at One and a Half Feet on the Ground for two readings – one on love and one for work. Both readings were very well done and Simone explained what each card represented and I was able to see how this fitted into what was happening in my life at the time and what was to come. And since the reading some things have come to fruition. I would definitely recommend Simone to everyone. She was professional and made me feel very comfortable and I would happily visit her again.”

L, Melbourne


“Simone has performed readings for me on a number of occasions and each time my experience with her has been insightful and professional. Her knowledge of cards and their meanings has consistently impressed me and I have found she has offered me practical guidance and understanding. Her evaluation on the reading always offers a fresh perspective and enables me to focus on areas of life that I have perhaps neglected or overlooked. I would happily recommend Simone as a trustworthy, honest and reader with an overarching ability to thoroughly listen and deduce a client’s concerns and needs.”

E, Cavendish


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