I’m ba-ack! But with a whole lot more to offer!

Website logo graphic - COLOURSo yes, One and a Half Feet on the Ground and I are back – but with so much more than before!

Okay, so you may have been wondering where on earth I’ve been over the past…ten (oh my, TEN?!) months? Well, among other things I have: taken a trip to China, started a new job,  become an Auntie for the very first time aaaaaand I’ve done quite a bit of splashing about with a great deal of gusto in the online dating pool – it’s been quite an experience! But more about my dating adventures at a later date. Now I want to tell you about my new One and a Half Feet on the Ground, which I’m so very excited about.

One and a Half Feet on the Ground is no longer just a blog – it’s now a broader concept about taking that half foot off the ground and dreaming a little. It’s about remaining grounded, down-to-earth and balanced, and yet reaching out to explore the wondrous possibilities and exciting potential of our lives.

It’s my place (and yours!) to take time out from life once in a while – to think a little deeper, ponder life’s lessons, find a little direction and to piece together some sort of meaning behind our everyday lives. It’s a place of inspiration and discovery; to hopefully help us all to understand ourselves and each other just that little bit better.

At One and a Half Feet on the Ground, you can now find:

  • NEW! Quotes every few days to inspire and encourage you, and give you that extra bit of “oomph” when you need it;
  • NEW! Tarot card consultations with me that can offer you practical insight, validation and guidance around a particular personal situation; and
  • Blog discussions that reflect upon my own personal ups and downs, and my search for meaning behind them.

I’ve had so much fun over the past month expanding this concept and putting the website together, so please take a wander through and let me know what you think.

All you have to do to receive your inspirational quotes and blog discussions straight to your email inbox is to sign up to my website (see the Follow/Sign up via Email button below). You can also like my Facebook page OR for your very own in-person tarot consultation, please email me at simone@oneandahalffeet.com.

Looking forward to chatting, exploring, quoting, consulting, discovering and keeping my One and a Half Feet on the Ground with you!



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