New Beginnings

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” Seneca

“They may turn out to be a great disappointment, or perhaps they may be full of enchanting surprises.” Mary Wesley

I recently lost my job due to national cost-cutting measures. I had been with the company for only 16 months and was part-time, so when the financial rumblings began I knew I would likely be retrenched. I had prepared myself mentally, emotionally and financially, but surprisingly, when “the talk” finally came, it was still quite a shock.

We were a close-knit office and I was going to miss the camaraderie of my workmates awfully. I felt lost, despite my pre-planning. And I was angry. I was angry not at my workplace, as I knew they had done all they could, but at life. I couldn’t believe that the universe had done this to me AGAIN! My world had been completely turned upside-down three years ago due to health problems, and it hadn’t seemed to settle down much since. Just when I thought I had a handle on what I wanted and what I could achieve in life, another complication would be placed in front of me. Why, why, WHY?

But after a couple of days of sadness and confusion the excitement kicked in, as it usually does for me. I knew in my head and (finally!) heart, that my loss actually meant new beginnings, opportunities and adventures. That’s the place where I love to be – standing on the edge of something new and surveying the possibilities — imagining all the thrilling things that could happen, and wondering what would happen. I get such a buzz from potentials!

It’s like waiting for a storm to hit, with all its power, majesty and splendour. The black/blue clouds begin to darken in the sky, the air becomes heavy with expectation and the wind starts getting skittish, blowing leaves in gusts across my path. The trees shiver and whisper as the world holds its breath. In that moment, magic is in the air and I know that anything can happen.

In this time and place the possibilities are endless. There is no failure or disappointment, only excitement, wonder and electric dreams. However, standing on that edge can become dangerously bewitching. The rest of the world doesn’t stop and life moves on around me, meaning no decision is a decision in itself.

I’ve been resting on the precipice for a few weeks now, savouring the potentials, but now I find that it’s time to take a step. It’s decision time. It’s time to start my new beginning.

So, welcome to One-and-a-half-feet on the Ground – my new blog and just one of my new beginnings.

What new beginnings have you experienced lately?
How did you handle the change?
Are you fearful or excited about starting anew?


4 thoughts on “New Beginnings

    • Thanks Julie! Sorry I didn’t reply earlier – still finding my way around the program. Appreciate your feedback and encouragement though, and also the fact that you left a comment on my actual site (rather than Facebook) – very exciting! 🙂


  1. Simone – what you say is so uplifting and positive! And written in such a beautiful style too. To think that within days you could confront such bad news and turn it into an exciting life challenge. Go for it! I feel sure that great things will happen for you soon. John x


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